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Hello, Angela here!

Welcome to my website!

I was born in Santos, Brazil, South America, where I lived for most of my childhood and teenage years.

In 1985 I moved completely from Brazil to live in South Shields, South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, England, UK.

I was very aware of the flora and fauna of Brazil, especially in the Amazon region and as a keen animal lover, I have not only kept various domesticated house pets, but have also rescued wild animals, either off the streets, or I purchased wild animals, mainly birds, from “pet shops”, where they had been housed in dirty, small, and inadequate cages, to care for them until they regained their health and often their plumage!


Later, I would release the birds into big aviaries at the local Santos Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, and care for all the other creatures myself.

In February 1993, my husband David, rescued a baby hedgehog from the attentions of a Jack Russell. As the baby hedgehog was found hiding in a bed of nettles and had been injured, David went to rescue it and received several stings from the nettles.

Hence, the little hedgehog was named “Sting”.

David put it in a cardboard box and took it home to Angela.

In order to properly care for Sting, Angela contacted St Tiggywinkles’ Animal Wildlife Hospital  for advice and information.

Sting used to love to sit on Angela’s knee and be stroked.

He lived in a 4 foot fish tank, and  stayed with Angela for a few months over the winter.

When he was strong and old enough to be released into a hedgehog sanctuary in nearby Washington, County Durham, he lived a good life and died peacefully at the age of 3.

He became front page news in the South Shields Gazette, and I took him to a community centre during National Pet Week, for instruction to the general public on how to feed wild hedgehogs, i.e. by feeding them dog or cat food, and giving them water, as opposed to bread and milk which upsets their delicate stomachs.

I also like tropical freshwater fish and aquired Chocky II, an Amazon Red Tailed Catfish, he was only one and a half inches long, and lived in a 6-foot aquarium at home. I became a member of the Red Tail Catfish Club, which gave help and advice on how to look after Chocky II, as he would grow into such a large fish.

In July 1993, Chocky and I were “aired” on Channel 4 TV, “The Big Breakfast” show.

The tv air-time slot was titled “Me and My Pet”.

This footage was filmed with me and Chocky II which by this time was 2-feet long.

Shortly after this screening, due to his size, Chocky II was re-housed to Cheshire, where he had the freedom of a large indoor pool and other “tank mates” for company.

This aquarium was open to the public, for all to enjoy.

By appearing on TV, this news also put him in the South Shields Gazette under the headline “Chocky II Moves to Deeper Waters”.

In October 2003 Angela took Quackers, under her wing. A one week old Aylesbury duckling which was rescued from going onto the dinner plate. Angela’s pet Rottweiler, Tessie took a strong liking to Quackers, she was very protective towards him, and helped to hand rear him. Quackers’ short stay was spent mainly in the bathtub, and following Angela around the house or in the back yard, he didn’t like to be by himself and would protest loudly by giving short loud beeps! He also accompanied (by way of a shoulder bag), Angela and her two dogs while out walking, otherwise he would once again commence his short loud non stop piercing beeps, if left at home alone!!

When Quackers was 10 weeks old, Angela took him to Bede World’s Farm in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, where he soon settled down, and had a little girlfriend. Apparently both did very well and were very popular with the public visitors.

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