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All our pets and animals need tender loving care and attention to ensure their healthy happy life.

Dog Walking

Dog Boarding

Caged Furry Pet Boarding

If you have a busy lifestyle, are currently injured or going away on holiday and require your pet to be temporarily cared for, I can provide a far more personal service and attention at a lower price than standard kennels.

Pet Walking and training.

Do you need someone to give your dog a daily walk, exercise or play time?, I can do it for you and your dog.

Exercise is vital for a happy healthy dog.

Home boarding.

Are you going away for a couple of days, or having a long day out somewhere and do not want your pet to be alone for all that time?
I can look after them at my home until your return.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, more and more people are too busy to do eveything that they need to do in a day.

To pay everyday household bills, people are taking on second jobs, or more people in the house are going out to work, this is now a way of life, to be busy!

But unfortunately household pets may be suffering from this, less walking the dog, playing with the rabbit, cuddling the guinea pig etc.

All pets need excercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Can’t find the time to do everything…?

I can save you time and ensure your dog receives the excercise it requires, to remain healthy and happy.
I provide dog walking and pet lodging services in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, U.K.

My Pet Care Services are ideal for people living in the South Shields area of South Tyneside.

Dog walking throughout the day.
Dog and other pet lodging facilities.
Friendly, loving care for your pet.

Angela’s Qualifications

Advanced Animal Care Level 4 CPD Higher Distinction

Animal Care Level 3 CPD Higher Distinction

Animal Care Introductory Level 2 CPD Higher Distinction

Veterinary Receptionist L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Pet Nutrition L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Caring for Elderly Pets L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Canine Nutrition L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Canine Behaviour Training L3 CPD Distinction

Pet Bereavement Counselling L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Pet Psychology Diploma

Pet First Aid and CPR L3 CPD Higher Distinction

Puppy Training L2 CPD Higher Distinction

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